English and Modern Languages

Faculty Advisor

Ginny Ratsoy


Study abroad is an engaging, helpful, and potentially life changing experience. After explaining where students worldwide tend to travel and why, this paper will focus mainly on what the impact of study abroad is on the students who partake in these opportunities upon their return from their travels. Many students find that they have a deeper appreciation for other cultures upon their return and this keeps them more worldly; this is something that can help them in an increasingly globalized workforce. As well, the quality of education they receive prior to employment can be higher in many cases; the way students view learning after returning to their home country and the potential to complete their degree sooner are examples of ways in which such quality increases can be made. Also noted are some of the challenges students face when studying abroad as well as a few key obstacles that may deter students from travelling for education in the first place. This research will delve into the finer points of what students go through when they travel internationally and ultimately make the case that they go through positive changes upon their return from studying abroad.