Faculty Advisor

Michelle Funk


The purpose of this research project is to document the personal experiences of transgender sex workers (TSW) in dealing with the healthcare system. Healthcare professionals (HCP) exposure to sex workers or transgender people is limited, and often when exposed to this population, HCPs do not know the proper way to behave. This can lead to TSWs not feeling safe to access healthcare, which can have adverse health outcomes for them. Grounded in phenomenology and thematic analysis, phase one of this research involved collecting data through interviews with TSWs to explore the positive and negative experiences they have had with respect to their involvement in healthcare. During phase two of the research, a thematic analysis will be conducted focusing on a series of themes that were identified through interviews with TSWs, and any gaps or barriers to TSW care will be explored. The conclusions drawn from the research will provide a foundation for recommendations and suggestions to be made on how HCPs can help to provide a safe, supportive health care environment for TSWs. This will foster a better understanding of this unique population, and assist in equipping HCPs with the knowledge they need to provide competent care.

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