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Analysis of fMRI Brain Activity for the Localization of the Quiet Eye

Nicholas T. J. Alcantara

Gibson Assembly of PCR-Produced DNA Fragments

Brandon A. Bassler

Discovering Crime Trends and Patterns Using Three-Dimensional Interactive Visualization Techniques

Kyle Behiels

The Effect of Microvesicles on Insulin Transcytosis by Endothelial Cells

Jesse R. Biddlecombe

Anti-Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Pd) Activities from Canadian Western Bat Wings

Julianna Bissonnette
Brandon Hayashi

Delay of Recall and Age Exacerbates Children’s Difficulty Estimating Temporal Features of Past Events

Rachel A. Cantin

Biomineralization by Bacteria Isolated from the Popcorn Speleothem Sample of the Iron Curtain Cave in Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Lynnea Carr

Lack of Preshaping Differentiates Catching from Grasping and Stopping: Support for the Dual Visuomotor Channel Theory of Prehension

Youssef G. Ekladuce

Calculating Genomic Distances Between Three Brassica Species and Arabidopsis thaliana

Bronwen Evans

Stressed Snakes: Investigating a Possible Link between Physiological Stress and body condition in Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes (Crotalus oreganus oreganus)

Cole Hooper

The Role of Environmental Affordances, Motives, and Appraisals in Emotion Regulation Choice

Anna Horst

Synthesis of New Catalysts for C-O Alkoxy Activation Towards Green Diesel Production

Mathias P. Imeson

Big Data Reduction: Lessons Learned from Analyzing One Billion Dota 2 Matches

Marco Lussetti
Dyson Fraser

Exploring the Link Between Local Food Production and Pro-Envrionmental Behavior in Kamloops, BC

Hanna Martens

Theoretical Study of the Iron Complexes with Lipoic and Dihydrolipoic Acids

Roger Monreal Corona

Introducing the Basics of Evidence- Based Practice to Entry-Level Undergraduates

Aruge F. Nadeem

Investigating the Interaction between Bisphenol A and Human Serum Albumin using Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis

Oluwafemi Ogunyemi

Migratory Distance Relationship to Population Decline in Aerial Insectivores

Madison Oud

Zero Waste Sushi Shelter

Jennifer J. Revel

Examination and Comparison of the Colouration of Mountain Blue Bird Feathers

Micheal Rouault

Lululemon Athletica Inc. Investment Research

Mer Sánchez González

Determination of Epicatechin in Green Teas by UV Spectrophotometry

Noor Shubear

The Influence of Spatial Scale on the Quantitative Importance of Stemflow

Narain P. Spolia
Breena Rusnell

Manipulating Personal Relevance and Intensity in Emotion Regulation Research

Maria L. Stoney

The Impact of Ketone Supplementation Through Diet and Exercise on Oxygen Uptake Kinetics and Muscle Metabolism

Tyson W. Strandt

Indigenizing Curriculums of Higher Education – A Case Study at Thompson Rivers University

Janna Wale

Revisiting the Taboo of Regifting: A Replication Study

Jennica Wlodarczyk
Rebecca Wiltzen
Braydon Slack
Ramya Kalaivanan
Sabrina Gutsche
Melanie Banman

Pretrial Custody Judgments of Guilt, Crime Seriousness, and Fairness of Treatment

Naomi A. Woolverton