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Decline of Migratory Passerines and the Specific Risk Factors

Victoria Adams-Parsons

Urbanization: A Penalty or Gain for Wild Birds? A Study on the Phenological Differences in Rural and Urban Mountain Chickadees

Daylynne B. Agar

Is There Enhanced Visual Processing of Action Relevant Features in Peri-Hand Space?

Lindsay E. Bamford

Reappraisal Tactic Use in Response to Regret and Disappointment

Lindsay E. Bamford

Determination of Parabens in Mouthwash by Capillary Electrophoresis

Christopher S. Birch
Seth Keenan
Chris Melvin

Does Habitat Structure and Diet Predict Colouration?

Natasha Buckler

Providing Culturally-Safe Sexualized Violence Response Services to International Students

Jill Coulter

Effects of Group Size on Vigilance, Foraging, and Aggressive Behaviour in Wintering Aggregations of Canada Geese

Roser Diaz Ferran, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Victor Yus Giron, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Laura Adams

Devising and Optimizing Crowd Control Strategies using Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation

Ryan Ficocelli

Theoretical Study of the Secondary Antioxidant Activity of Aminoguanidine

Guillermo García Díez

The Effects of Hatch-order, Gender and Clutch Sex-ratios on the Behaviour of Burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia)

John C. Gray

Synthesis and Lithiation of toluene tricarbonyl chromium

Max K. Irl

The Role of Peri-Hand Space in the Development of Visually-Guided Hand Movements

Nikola R. Klassen

Plant Community Recovery One Year Post Fire in Interior Douglas Fir Forests in Areas of Different Burn Severity

Hailey Manke

Development and Application of a Software Tool/Package for Pan-genomic Analysis

Richard A. J. Martyn

Interactome of Two Fermenting Yeast Species During Beer Production

Breanne McAmmond

Characterization of the Antimicrobial Secondary Metabolites Produced by the Cave-Dwelling Streptomyces ICC1 Strain

Alysha E. Milward

Structural Analysis of Two Monooxygenases Involved in the Sulfur Metabolism Pathway of Gordonia sp. NB4-1Y

Mathew Norman

Determination of Octanol-water Partition Coefficient for Indolicidin45 using Vesicular Electrokinetic Chromatography (VEKC)

Puneet Parihar

Emotion Control Beliefs as a Predictor of Emotion Regulation in Daily Life

Pia Pennekamp

Using eBird Data to Track Changes in Migration Patterns of Vaux’s Swifts (Chaetura vauxi) Due to Climate Change

Sabina K. Pereira

Quantification of Ketone Bodies in Saliva using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Austin Pietramala

Matrix and pH Effects on the Degradation Kinetics of Xanthates in Mining Waters

William L. Primrose
Adrian M. Batista

Method Development to Determine Indicator Analytes for Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Surface Waters Including Biosolid Leachates

Samantha C. Reimer

Assessment of Antimutagenic Action of Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail), Inonotus obliquus (Chaga Mushroom), and Ophiocordycetps sinensis Extracts by Ames Test

Iris Romero Andrada

The Impacts of Urban Environments on Bacterial Diseases of Mountain Chickadees (Poecile gambeli)

Colton Stephens

The Effects of Yeast Inoculum on Wine Fermentation and Organoleptic Properties of Frontenac Blanc

Cassidy Tocheniuk

Improving Methods to Predict Cardiovascular Disease in Asymptomatic People

Emily Vilac

Analysis of Feather Colouration in American Redstarts Using Tetrahedral Colour Space Models

Genevieve Ward