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A Cup of Harmony: Examining the Sustainable Development of Japan's Tea Industry

Richmond Ho Shing Yu, Thompson Rivers University

A Forward Mutagenesis Screen on a Gliotactin Hypomorphic Background in Drosophila Melanogaster: Isolation and Characterization of ∇11

Thalia J, C Wiens, Trinity Western University

Analysis of the Metagenomic and Phylogenetic Relationships of Hot Spring Diversity Using 16S rRNA Sequencing on Microbes in the Ainsworth and Nakusp Hot Springs of the Kootenays (Canada)

Wesley Beard, University of the Fraser Valley

Analyzing the Effects of the Number and Type of Boat Vessels on Various Behaviours of Southern Resident Orcas (Orcinus orca) Observed in the Salish Sea

Julie D. Merchel, Trinity Western University

Annotation of Protein-Coding Genes in Drosophila ficusphila Genomic Contig 44 of the 3L Chromosome

Kurt S. H. Leffers, University of the Fraser Valley

Biomechanics of Hips in Kayak Rolling

Noah Emery Nochasak, Thompson Rivers University

Buffering Effect of Social Interest on Stress and Psychological Well-being in Undergraduate Students

Lisa Bajkov, Thompson Rivers University

Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the AlkB Gene in Gordonia otitidis

Tessa H. Webb, University of the Fraser Valley

Commodification of Rodeos

Ty W. Helgason, Thompson Rivers University

Constructing a Genomic Data Comparison Between Drosophila ficusphila and Drosophila melanogaster in the 3L Chromosome

Zonglin Li, University of the Fraser Valley

Cyanobacteria Tyrosinase Enzyme Involvement in Scytonemin Synthesis

Chelsea G. Routley, Trinity Western University

Determination of Binding Constants between Indolicidin and its Derivatives and Sphingomyelin

Julie E. McNutt, Thompson Rivers University

Determination of Ombrotrophy in the Blaauw Eco Forest Through Core Sampling, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Groundwater Level Monitoring and Peatland Species Mapping

Katelyn Cannon, Trinity Western University

Determination of Proteins in Milk Samples using Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization-Time of Flight-Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS)

Jagdeesh Singh Uppal, Thompson Rivers University

DNA Annotation of Contig 33 on Drosophila ficusphila 3L Chromosome

Rabia Kamboj, University of the Fraser Valley

Effects of Dog Therapy on Undergraduate Students’ Stress Levels

Drayden A.D. Kopp, Thompson Rivers University
Tanna Lauriente, Thompson Rivers University

Effects of Mindfulness Training on Implicit Beliefs and Well-being in Undergraduate Students

Payton D. Comazzetto, Thompson Rivers University

Fake Website Detection Algorithm through Web Scraping and Data Mining

Ruhi Naaz Quadari, Thompson Rivers University

Financial Assistance For Victims of Crime

Natalie Cruz, Thompson Rivers University

Further Improvements to a Single-column Ocean Model

Huizhi Xu, Trinity Western University

Implementing Sustainability in Rural Tourism As a Way to Minimize the Negative Impacts of Commodifying Landscapes

Claire E. Irvine, Thompson Rivers University

Inhibition of Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the Causative Agent of White-Nose Syndrome, by Environmental Microorganisms

Robyn L. McArthur, Thompson Rivers University

Investigating Developmental Trends in the Male Shoot of Arceuthobium americanum (Lodgepole Pine Dwarf Mistletoe) Using Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy

Matthew D. McIsaac, Thompson Rivers University

Metagenomic and Chemical Analysis of Microbiota in Takhini Hot Springs Near Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Taylor Boyd, University of the Fraser Valley

"'Microbe's Digest': Gordonia sp. NB4-1Y and the Degradation of the Environmental Contaminant 6:2 fluorotelomer sulfonate (FTSA)"

Dayton Shaw, Thompson Rivers University

Modelling the Chemical Repair of Protein Carbon-Centered Radicals with Glutathione

Albert Adserias-Rodriguez, Thompson Rivers University

New Homogeneous Catalysts For The Production of Green Diesel

Dusty James Cadwallader, Thompson Rivers University

Parasocial Relationships in Online Culture

Madison Morgan, Thompson Rivers University

Potential for Glyphosate Resistance in Bohemian Knotweed (Fallopia x bohemica)

Matthew Glenn Strelau, Trinity Western University

Py-Buddy: An Interactive Programming Tutorial for Young Children

Habeeb Altalag, Thompson Rivers University
Harprit Singh, Thompson Rivers University

Rabies! An Investigation Into the Toehold Switch as a Sensor

Nadja Hedrich, Thompson Rivers University

Response of Body Morphometrics and Eye Development in the Crayfish Cambarellus patzcuarensis to Differing Light Wavelengths Experienced During Juvenile Life

Lauren Zink, Thompson Rivers University

Screening for Mutagenic and Anti-mutagenic Properties of Cave Microorganisms

Desiree R. Dunbar, Thompson Rivers University

Screening of Cave Microorganisms for Antimicrobial and Enzymatic Activities

Aaron Wong, Thompson Rivers University

Separation of Bisphenol Analogues by Capillary Electrophoresis

Isra Jaffar, Thompson Rivers University

Stable Without a Table: Does the Development of Visually Guided Reaching and Grasping Depend on Stabilization of the Hand?

Christopher A. Wilson, Thompson Rivers University

Studio Ghibli's Influence on Ecotourism in Japan

Geraldine Jules, Thompson Rivers University

Studying the Microbial Community in Mushroom Compost As a Promising Natural Source for Antimicrobial Agents

Keegan P. Koning, Thompson Rivers University

The Commodification of Rural Landscapes for Resort Communities: A Study of Capital Interests versus Socio-environmental Interests

Narain P. Spolia, Thompson Rivers University

The Effect of Biological Properties and Sequencer Performance on De novo Assembly of Microbial Genomes

Breanne McAmmond, Thompson Rivers University

The Effect of Exercise on Protein Yield Available for Mass Spectrometry from Platelet Derived Microvesicles in Humans

Riley D. Nicholson, Thompson Rivers University

The Function of Exercise-Derived Microvesicles

Melissa M. Wilson, Thompson Rivers University

The Microbiome of a Bird Feeder and its Potential to Contribute to the Spread of Avian Diseases

Paige R. Gallant, Thompson Rivers University

The Molecular Binding of Resveratrol to Human Serum Albumin using Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis

Mitchell A. Wihlidal, Thompson Rivers University

The Psychological and Physical Benefits of Meditative Yoga Amongst Student Athletes

Alyssa C. Wolf, Thompson Rivers University

Theoretical Study of Iron Complexes with Lipoic and Dihydrolipoic Acids

Jesse R. Biddlecombe Miss, Thompson Rivers University
Angela Ann Ippolito Miss, Thompson Rivers University

Urbanization and the Mountain Chickadee: How Do Habitat Characteristics Influence the Nesting Success of Mountain Chickadees?

Aneka Battel, Thompson Rivers University

Using Machine Learning to Predict Response Time on Stack Overflow

Guojin Tang, Thompson Rivers University
Erwin Li, Thompson Rivers University
Chris Foster, University of Victoria

Wax On: Amplification of Waxy Cuticle Layer Genes CER1 and SHINE3 in Arceuthobium americanum

Tim Bientjes, Thompson Rivers University