Privacy Notice

Consent For Storing and Accessing Personal Information Outside Canada

Please be advised that by clicking on the Sign up button on TRU Library’s Digital Commons "Create New Account" webpage, and taking the step to create such an account, you are thereby giving consent for the personal information you provide to be stored and accessed outside of Canada, strictly for the purposes of providing the services outlined below.

What personal information am I being asked to provide?
When you create an account in TRU Library’s Digital Commons, you must provide the following personal information:

  • your name
  • your TRU or personal email address
  • your account password
You will have the option to provide additional personal information in your account profile, but it is not required in order to create an account.

Why is my permission needed?
As a provincial public body in British Columbia, Thompson Rivers University ("TFU") operates under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSBC 1996, c 165 ("FIPPA"). In compliance with section 30.1(a) of FIPPA, TRU must obtain your permission to store and access your personal information outside of Canada.

TRU Library uses the Digital Commons service operated by an American company called bepress. The personal information you provide will be stored in Digital Commons on servers in the United States, and is therefore subject to the laws of that country.

What will my personal information be used for?
Your personal information is required in order to submit your own work online to TRU Library’s Digital Commons, receive statistical reports on the use of your work in TRU Library’s Digital Commons, and arrange other personalized services within TRU Library’s Digital Commons.

Do I have to create a personal account to participate in TRU Library’s Digital Commons?
No, this is completely voluntary. If you do not wish to create a personal account, you may instead submit your work to the TRU Library to be added to TRU Library’s Digital Commons on your behalf using the mediated submission workflow by emailing Amy Paterson,

By creating an account, you hereby give explicit consent that you understand the above terms and conditions. Click here to create a new account.