Thank You!

The opening issue of Dialogues would not have been possible without the support of my colleagues, TRU Librarians, the wonderful professors at TRU, and most of all, the woman who pushed this along, Dr. Annie St. John-Stark. Without her support and effort, Dialogues would not be here.

Also, a big thank you to the TRU Research Office for funding the establishment of this journal. Thank you for seeing the value of undergraduate research!

Many thanks go to:

Matthew Arkinstall, who has now moved on to his MA at the University of Alberta

Kathy Gaynor, University Librarian

Brenda Smith, PHP Subject Librarian

TRU Faculty, in no particular order, who provided their time and careful comments and review on drafts:

Dr. Bruce Baugh

Dr. Robin Tapley

Dr. Wilson Bell

Dr. Tina Block

Dr. Michael Gorman

Derek Cook

Dr. Robert Hanlon

And last but certainly not least, once again, Dr. Annie St. John-Stark

It has been a tremendous learning experience and I hope you enjoy reading some of these articles. Congratulations to the students who are published here.