About This Journal

Dialogues publishes selected papers presented at the annual Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference at Thompson Rivers University. The journal showcases undergraduate research from TRU students in addition to students from other Canadian and American universities. In addition, Dialogues provides a select group of TRU students the opportunity to grow as academics and young researchers by being members of Dialogues' editorial board.

This is a unique opportunity for students to distinguish their research by putting it through two double-blind editorial processes, by both a student team and a professor. This journal is available to be viewed and downloaded globally, bringing undergraduate research to the forefront of philosophical, historical, and political discourse.

Dialogues also strengthens the impacts of the annual Thompson Rivers University Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference in addition to contributing voices to the broader fields of philosophy, history, and politics.

Contact Us

Inquiries can be addressed to Miranda Fish at phpdialogues@gmail.com