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Canadian International Social Work and Policy Review

Call for Papers

Canadian International Social Work and Policy Review welcomes paper submissions for our inaugural issue.

We encourage submissions from undergraduate and graduate students of social work, social policy, and human services. This is a great opportunity to turn your research-based course assignments into peer-reviewed published work. If you are unsure if your paper is suitable, you can talk to your course instructor, your librarian, or the editors.

We also welcome practitioners and faculty members to publish their cutting edge research and practice insights with us.

Submit your papers using the link to the right. You will need to create an account. We will accept submissions at any time.

Refer to our Aims and Scope for the Journal's core themes and to our Policies for submission guidelines.

Please format your submission according to the Final Manuscript Guidelines.

We are excited to receive your submissions and look forward to working with you further to make your passion for publishing a real learning experience. Thank you.

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Canadian International Social Work and Policy Review

Canadian International Social Work and Policy Review (CISWPR) is an open access, scholarly, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes papers from students, faculty, practitioners and policy makers. The journal, based at Thompson Rivers University (TRU), was founded by Social Work, Open Leaning, and Library faculty members.

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See the Aims and Scope and About this Journal for more information about the journal.

Cascade Journal of Knowledge

ISSN 2563 1861

The purpose of the Cascade Journal of Knowledge is to disseminate knowledge (open source) from scholars and to enhance the scholarship of teaching and learning through a rigorous double-blind peer-review of pedagogical practice. The journal achieves this through a unique and innovative journal format: scholars submit screencasts (3-8 minutes) of an academic topic that is reviewed for publication as Knowledge Modules. Online pedagogical content is created and vetted by professors through the double-blind peer-review process. By reviewing both content and delivery, the journal seeks to bring the same rigour to teaching practice that is typically reserved for academic research. Students access a credible online knowledge source, approved by professors, that is easily accessible and matches learning styles. CJOK replaces Wikipedia, blogs, magazines, etc. as an academic source and augments lectures, textbooks, etc. as the first peer-reviewed screencast knowledge dissemination journal.

The double-blind peer-review system is an essential aspect of the publication process of Knowledge Modules. Through the review process, the Cascade Journal of Knowledge is:
  1. Ensuring the quality of the Knowledge Modules' content and pedagogy;
  2. Encouraging scholars to improve their teaching practices;
  3. Extending scholars' sphere of influence;
  4. Documenting teaching excellence as a peer-reviewed journal publication; and
  5. Contributing to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Critical Tourism Studies Proceedings

ISSN 978-0-9916871-2-1

Introductory text for Critical Tourism Studies Proceedings.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Contact: Professor Kellee Caton,

Dialogues: Undergraduate Research in Philosophy, History, and Politics

Each January, undergraduate students from Canadian and American universities are invited to present their research papers at Thompson Rivers University. Dialogues showcases papers from students who took their passion for their research one step further and put their paper through a rigorous peer review process. The conference brings meaningful and insightful conversations about the philosophy, history, and politics disciplines and solidifies their interconnectedness and relevance to our world today.

If you presented at the 2020 TRU Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference, click the "Submit Article" link in the sidebar to submit your paper.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.


Editor-in-Chief: Miranda Fish, Thompson Rivers University
Editors: Maneet Kular, Thompson Rivers University
  Lorina MacLeod, Thompson Rivers University
  Robert McAlaster, Thompson Rivers University
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Annie St. John-Stark, Thompson Rivers University
  Dr. Brittany Reid, Thompson Rivers University
  Dr. Taylor McKee, Thompson Rivers University
Assistant Editors: Dr. Robert Hanlon, Thompson Rivers University
  Dr. Bruce Baugh, Thompson Rivers University
  Dr. Jenna Woodrow, Thompson Rivers University
  Dr. Jeff McLaughlin, Thompson Rivers University
  Andrew Pettit, University of Western Ontario

Contact Us

Inquiries can be addressed to Miranda Fish at

Journal of Emerging Sport Studies

ISSN 2562-3184

The landscape of sport, and sport scholarship, continues to change rapidly. The Journal of Emerging Sport Studies is committed to publishing scholarship that reflects the changing face of sport studies around the world.

Our journal is determined to publishing scholarship from across academic disciplines and welcomes unique sport perspectives from established and emerging sport scholars. Our journal seeks to reinvigorate sport scholarship by publishing cutting-edge, open access, inclusive, and academically rigorous manuscripts, distributed widely and without cost to authors.

Proceedings of the Annual Thompson Rivers University Undergraduate Research and Innovation Conference

ISSN 1927-9785

Students across TRU’s diverse range of programs are getting involved in research, and it goes beyond work in a lab. Undergraduate students can now share their outstanding research in a meaningful and productive way. All types of papers are considered for the official Proceedings of the Annual Thompson Rivers University Undergraduate Research and Innovation Conference including research, creative writing, book review, etc..

TRU Creative Non-Fiction Magazine

The first issue of the TRU Creative Non-Fiction Magazine comprises short creative non-fiction pieces from Dr. George M. Johnson's ENGL4760 Editing and Publishing class in the Winter of 2017.Introductory text for TRU Creative Non-Fiction Magazine.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.