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Dialogues: Undergraduate Research in Philosophy, History, and Politics

Each January, undergraduate students from Canadian and American universities are invited to present their research papers at Thompson Rivers University. Dialogues showcases papers from students who took their passion for their research one step further and put their paper through a rigorous peer review process. The conference brings meaningful and insightful conversations about the philosophy, history, and politics disciplines and solidifies their interconnectedness and relevance to our world today.

If you presented at the 2020 TRU Philosophy, History, and Politics Conference, click the "Submit Article" link in the sidebar to submit your paper.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.


Editor-in-Chief: Miranda Fish, Thompson Rivers University
Editors: Maneet Kular, Thompson Rivers University
  Lorina MacLeod, Thompson Rivers University
  Robert McAlaster, Thompson Rivers University
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Annie St. John-Stark, Thompson Rivers University
  Dr. Brittany Reid, Thompson Rivers University
  Dr. Taylor McKee, Thompson Rivers University
Assistant Editors: Dr. Robert Hanlon, Thompson Rivers University
  Dr. Bruce Baugh, Thompson Rivers University
  Dr. Jenna Woodrow, Thompson Rivers University
  Dr. Jeff McLaughlin, Thompson Rivers University
  Andrew Pettit, University of Western Ontario

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Inquiries can be addressed to Miranda Fish at phpdialogues@gmail.com

Teaching Practices Colloquium

The TRU Teaching Practices Colloquium is an annual one day event that takes place on the Tuesday of Reading Break each February. Each year focuses on a different theme that is related to teaching.